Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Flavors of Horror BONUS: Hammer Horror

While putting together these posts for my 31 Flavors movie review project, I stumbled up on the news that Kate Bush has a new album coming out around the end of the year.  (She once took over a decade off in between albums and now two in eight months? That's just showing off...)

These two acts in tandem got "Hammer Horror" stuck in my head for an hour, so I thought I'd (pass the earworm along) share her tribute to the studio and the spooky movies they made as a bit of a 31 Flavors of Horror bonus...

 Wow... what a ham. I'm a fan, mind you, but some people play to the back row. Can mugging for the camera be scary?

Another thought - I used to do a Song o' the Day feature on Big Lug Land when I first got her started - think I should try again? (My taste in music is, I assure you, wide and varied. Little of it comes with weirdly dance major performance art videos...)

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