Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh I just thought of another one

I just remembered one other thing I wanted to focus on in the New Year, even though I'm sure it's reactionary and silly...

11) Cut out the damn Aspartame... after a conversation about Aspartame this last week and hearing aspersions cast upon it about how it slows the brain down and is evidently just terrible for your health, I'm going to try and follow up last year's "Let's weed out some caffeine and soda by switching to Carbonated Water" with "Let's cut out any diet soda for a while not made with Splenda and try a fizzy water and Iced Tea approach for a while."

We'll see how it goes...

Plotting New Year's Resolutions

So I'm actually planning on making New Year's Resolutions this time around. Generally I'm pretty dismissive of the concept and see them as "promises you make in order to break." But, I'm going to try and do them publicly, as most people resolve to do, in order to get held to them.

So, I present "Vague First Draft of New Year's Resolutions"-- and if I say "I", I mean "Me." When I say "You," I generally also mean "Me." It's like "The Royal We" so just go with it.

1) Blog regularly again because it brought you a lot of enjoyment. When you sit around and think "I really should post something" for most of the month of December, while other things are going on, maybe that's your brain saying "Shut up and go type."

2) Secure a greater source of income. I took a lot of paid time-off this year. I didn't really realize how much until I realized I made less this year than I have the last 2. This is not good. I don't care how lousy the friggin' economy is either, MY economy has to improve.

3) Return to the routine that involved going to the gym four to five times a week -- or even once, as you're paying for it. Sure you travelled, sure you had things going on, but -- when a commitment is made (Financially *ahem*) then you really have to stick to it. Bite the bullet, revisit the personal trainer, and get back on the stick. Remember: don't be ashamed you failed, be ashamed you didn't try again.

4) Get all the boxes of files organized and the junk thrown out. There's a lot of junk I got through back in April when I put the house on the market, but too many things still wound up in boxes in the basement. Considering last go round I found pay stubs from the 90's (four moves ago), who knows what evil still lurks in the heart of my clutter?

5) Communicate with friends and neighbors more.This includes getting re-involved at (My fab neighbors especially. They're all really great and I feel like I never talk to them enough.)

6) Take more pictures and Flickr more - that's another thing you were really enjoying. Also, can't convincingly convince people to post naked for you without a legitimate body of work... (kidding... or am I?)

7) Make a list of new books to read while you spend the year reading all the books you've purchased that you haven't read yet (this WILL take a year). I have "A Peoples' History of the United States" and "Guns, Germs, and Steel" still collecting dust... yet I found time to read "Cross Country" by James Patterson. There's something here that brings great shame to my people.

8) Spend less on frivolous things. As I look around my office I realize that while the Beethoven bobble-head was a gift, I did buy myself a Lava Lamp at some point this year. This needs to stop...

9) Define what you find frivolous. The Lava Lamp gives me pleasure. The bobble-head is frivolous. I think frequently that I have too much clutter. Well, more to the point, I KNOW I have too much clutter. Let's clean house (why didn't I think of this when there was more than 3 days left in the tax year to get tax-deductible donations in to Goodwill?) and get all Zen-resolve-y about what I have and what I need.

10) Get the house re-listed and sold. I resolved the last two New Years that this was the year I would move. Let's make third time the charm, huh?

So there's ten resolutions and the list is subject to change and revision, but these are probably ten core ideas that have been bobbing around in my thoughts...