Saturday, June 14, 2008

Welcome to The Jayboy Mansion

In my manic-high blitz on the interwebs, I've gone and created myself a Flickr site, so feel free to check out The Jayboy Mansion!

There's not much up yet except for a few pictures of the Fridge of Doom and the start of what will probably become my fan-site to my niece, Evie. Coming in the next few days, I hope to get up some photos from this weekend's upcoming cookout and Pride parade, Erik's bike race, a grab-bag of my pals, last years Pride and Northside 4th of July parades, and maybe even the trip to NY that Drew-o-Rama and I took last June.

(A tip 'o' the nib to Becky "Psycho" Britton for the title with the absolute most-est!)

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