Friday, June 20, 2008

No, not really...

Your Horoscope for JUNE 20, 2008:

You could become fascinated by someone new. Perhaps you are developing an
infatuation for a new friend. Or maybe you are interested in a neighbor who has
moved into your area. You might wonder about this person. They could have a
certain glamour or mystique about them. You could fall into romantic reverie,
imagining what it would be like to spend time with them. Just don't do anything
too impulsive!

So, let me get this right... So I'm either going to get all Play Misty for Me on a pal or become the local peeper... then I'll get kinda moony, then obsessive, then... impulsive?

What does it say that I'm not into anyone right now? Besides that it means I'm evidently mentally healthy? Why can the horoscope never just give me good Lotto numbers?

Slightly on topic addenda:

The recent near-misses roommate tells me tonight that near-miss was pissed at being a near miss and therefore stopped keeping in touch. Near miss was a near miss because of said roommate. Sigh.

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