Monday, June 16, 2008

The most joyful experience in the history of the world!

What, can't you tell? *

Seriously though, this weekend I went up to Cowtown for a bit of a reunion with some dear old friends from College. In my head I still call us the "Grungebabies" as that's what Mickey Hart referred to me, Dan, Daneille, and Elizabeth as when we all first descended on OD all at the same time. We went through a lot in the course of three years at school. Those were especially formative years for me, and I think for each of them as well. We all learned a lot, got our hearts broke a few times, and learned how to drink like fish.

Thankfully we all made it out the other side okay (although the looks of me in some of the other pictures has me beating a hasty path to my treadmill). But time passes and people move and stuff happens and it's only recently that we all got back in touch - thanks to Facebook- and reached a consensus to get together and break some bread.

I joined Nikki, Elizabeth; her friend David; Dan and his boyfriend Justin; Daneille, her husband Frank, their children Hana, Abrehem, and Danika the firefly hunter; Jake (my old roommate who I much missed) and the late-arriving Spenser for a day of tears and recriminations... no, kidding, a day of laughter and reminiscence and easy, comfortable, interaction as old times were remembered and new shared.

(Wow, that was schmaltzy). Anyhow, the pictures are available here!

*This photo cracks me up as we were all having a great time, their faces just happened to look "fallen" when I clicked the picture. As we were a bunch known for being just a tad morose, it fits.

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