Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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I think this is a dumb-ass question. I'm not a parent - and I'm the first to admit that - but I have amazing respect for anyone who is. It's a tough job regardless of whether your child's a boy or a girl. Boys can have shitty self-esteem just like girls can, and girls can be a handful to discipline. Perhaps the members of the target audience should get together and commiserate on how hard it is, then congratulate themselves on the successes and joys they have with their children.

This goes against everything I represent in life. I do try and do the "smile at the world" suggestion, as it tends to short-circuit my urge to call other drivers in traffic or slow people in lines ahead of me words that could get me thrown off a ship filled with Merchant Marines. That said, even when the glass is half-full, it's usually with a brand I don't like the taste of, anyhow.
(of course that attitude means I'm not being an optimist.)

I'm taking notes... I'm pretty good with these except for number 3. I always blank in an interview if I'm asked if I have any questions for them. Usually I go into this uncharacteristic "happy puppy" mode where I'm so glad I've been asked to be there and get to show off answering their questions that everything I had planned out asking totally goes away. Tabula Rasa.

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