Saturday, June 21, 2008


I recently watched a couple episodes of this show, not realizing just how long it's been since they were first-run (the first series aired in '92). This stuff really does hold up fairly well. I only really just now realize just how casually cruel they could be to Saffron. Turned out that what made it funny was it was utter emotional terrorism.

I think my favorite bit remains when Patsy's sister comes to visit and, in utter exhaustion, says "Pats... I'm 72" which send Patsy off into a panic wondering just how old she is.

I'm half surprised it never became a full-fledged movie. If the BBC could send "Are You Being Served?" into the middle of a war in Costa Plonka (seriously, saw it once... wasn't dazzled but still a fan), they could have done Eddie and Pats go to the moon or something...

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