Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You make the rockin' world go round...

The song that has been stuck in my head since I looked up just how many calories were in that damn sandwich I had for lunch.

Trying to eat better, I kept a list of what I had today. Part of firing up the metabolism is eating breakfast - which I usually don't do. I spent years noshing on a Dr. Pepper or Cuppa with a couple of Camels, but I eschew such destructive behavior now...

Brekkies was 2 hard boiled eggs, a little turkey sausage medallion, a can of V8 low sodium and my coffee to go (probably 16 ounces, with Splenda). At work, of course, there were donuts, and I am a weak, weak little man, so we can add a cream-cheese filled triangle-y pastry thing to the list.

Lunch was the sandwich of evil, the chips of death, and 1 1/2 Dr. Peppers. (I'm SO ashamed!)

Dinner... well, after dwelling on the sandwich I had a salad that consisted of lettuce, cucumber, celery, mushrooms, unsalted almonds and just a splash of light Balsamic Vinegar dressing (even that stuff is mostly oil it turns out - sigh).

Then I was hungry so I had a turkey sandwich. A slice of swiss and little mayo, with a big wedge of tomato on it.

Sigh. Accountability is for the birds.

This is gonna be a lot of work.

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