Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I want candy. I feel shame.

I am so weak. Day 2 of South Beach Diet and I'm having cravings for sugar. I don't even have a sweet tooth. I'm a "Salty" person, yet here I am, ready to kill for an M&M and having weird sense memory flashbacks to Peanut Buster Parfaits...

Just sick.

Over the course of today, I ate (and I promise not to do this again):

-1 big travel-mug sized (see, how I dissemble there?) cup coffee w/ Splenda (that's not really something I ate, I shouldn't lead with that)
-2 hard boiled eggs, turkey sausage medallion
-12 oz V8
-15 almonds
-8 ozs black bean/garbanzo bean/green pepper mix with salt pepper and cumin
-turkey lunch meat slices with a wedge of cheddar and a slice of tomato (a bread-less sandwich)
-can of diet coke
-a 16 oz container of green salad with mushrooms and lite balsamic vinegar dressing
-8 oz last nights roasted veggies
-5 slices boneless skinless chicken pieces (sliced breasts)
-big plate of green salad
-lots of water
-diet Iced tea mix (no sugar)
-1 cup cherry jello...

wow, am I tedious or what?

Heavy handed thematic song choice du jour with wonderfully-coincidental big red lips for it's youtube image:

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