Saturday, July 5, 2008

36 Degrees

What a terrific Saturday.

Last night I hoofed it down on a whim to catch Dante's Gypsy Circus with it's fire dancers at the Hoffner Park festivities (pictures coming soon). They were even better than last year - and I enjoyed them immensely then. If you ever have the chance to catch them, please do.

Anyhow, I stayed up late - even had a couple beers - and slept in this morning. A nice healthy breakfast, a little TV, a lot of Internet, a little reading, and a trip down to Northside business district. I was going to stick my head in at the Happen Inc. open house but first pass I didn't see anyone in there at all and second pass they had crowd. So, I took a walk around and took some pictures and got some sun. Having gotten too much sun (a polite way of saying "sweating like a pig") , I ducked into Shake It Records, where I saw some books from the Disinformation line I'd like to buy ("Everything you know about God is wrong" and "Under Ground!"). I also picked up a used copy of the first album from one of my favorite bands, Placebo.

I know they're not everybody's cuppa, but the "sound," the color, of their music, it always reminds me of how I sometimes feel in my own head. They sound like my mood sometimes, I'm not sure how else to explain it.

I also sometimes compare them to being in the house with the windows open and the lights off during a heavy summer mid-morning rain shower. No other way to describe them.

Here's a song from their first CD:

I wrapped up the evening with a going away party for Keith and Carrie Hagan-Gray and their adorable son Eamon, easily the world's most concerned looking child. They're off to conquer Providence, Rhode Island, and I wish them all the best. Fabulous people with amazing home brew and green thumbs.

A great day and a lot of sunshine. I'm in now and looking forward to a nice night. Take a shower, put on the PJs and watch a "Film Crew" DVD - "Wild Women of Wongo." Yes, you should be jealous. It's a nice way to spend an evening... unless, you know, you're going out on a date or to a party or something, in which case you're probably having a little more fun. But not by much.

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