Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Black Canary is not a "Biker Bitch," thank you very much!

Possibly even more exciting than the Tippi Hedren in "The Birds" Barbie is the forthcoming Black Canary Barbie.

Exciting in more ways than one, it seems...
Shockingly it seems that the combination of black leather and fishnets has the overreaction brigade up in arms with all the "It's filthy" comments. Personally, though, I think the only thing really trashy about the outfit is the bangs. It's more Pam Anderson in "Barb Wire" than anything else, really.
I remember Black Canary in the outfit she's mostly sported, especially from the 40s to the 70s... the Bolero jacket, bustier, and fishnets look was a lot more innocent compared to this Biker Bitch Barbie look. I don't know whether to collect her or ask her put a cigarette out on my ass while I'm tied up...
My unsolicited advice? Drop the leather and go for the classic '40's look and give her the Veronica Lake "Peek-a-boo." Some people will still complain but I bet the sales would be better.

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  1. That is her current costume. The boots are leftovers from when she got a makeover in Birds of Prey (the comic, not the tv show), the jacket/leather leotard just evolved out of something she was wearing on a case, and the artist kept drawing it that way. Probably at the prompting of editorial to get her back to the fishnets again.

    It looks wrong on Barbie, though. Much like the Catwoman Movie Barbie.