Friday, July 4, 2008

Northside squishes during the 4th

Got up this morning to the sound of rain drumming on the tin roof of the porch. I'm wondering now if the parade is cancelled... it's only a quarter to ten so chances are good a decision hasn't been made yet. I hope it's not, I've been looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, in the land of "Worst. News. Ever.":
Seems my coffee maker is on the fritz. It turns on, starts to warm up then beeps just like it does when it finishes the brewing cycle. I tried putting it on the cleaning cycle but it won't work through that either (and is now full of vinegar, to boot). The manual has no information. I'm going to have to try an online search then, if that doesn't work, call the customer service number.
No coffeemaker? This will NOT do! It makes you fall on your knees and bellow:
Having seen this however, I'm inclined to think the coffemaker is done for...
Your Horoscope for JULY 04, 2008:

Just when everything was going along so smoothly, something occurs to put
your emotions in an uproar. Some minor accident may trigger your temper and
cause you to spiral down into negativity. Try not to let yourself overreact in
this way. Your nerves are just on edge. You would benefit greatly from some
relaxing activity, such as a sauna or a workout.

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  1. 11:08 AM
    FYI I just called the number on
    she said it looks like it is on, rain or shine, as long as there is no lighting and thunder.