Monday, July 28, 2008

Pet Plane Peeve

Everyone has a few pet peeves about flying.

Personally my problem is that I'm getting seriously tired of the douche bags who refuse to turn off their phones and other electronics when told to on a plane. You know we see you, palming your glowing blackberry or covering your iPod's glowing white screen... hell, half the time I can hear the music still coming out of your headsets.

Now I know you just dealt with the TSA, you're paying too much, you've been herded like cattle, and you have a little dick. That said, following the direction and turning off the item you've been asked to turn off DOES apply to you, . It will not emasculate you, and, no, the world won't end if you miss that one last, super important call. If you were someone where it would, you wouldn't be riding coach on Southwest, you jackass.

Trust me that if I can eschew my block-rockin' beats and texts from my many admirers for 2 hours, you can at least skip watching whatever that stupid tits 'n' jeeps program that was on your iPod during take off and instead, start it at 10,000 feet.

Flying is tough enough nowadays. I'm not the best flyer in the world. The chick I flagged on the way to New York and seat mate I barked at on the way home today are just the beginning. I'm going to become an airline electronics Nazi. Just to be mean. I know full well the chances of these things bringing down a plane are less than slim and encroaching on none (cell phones excepted), but we all obey a few simple directions to keep a little civility in the process, and if you can't do that, well then, I'm happy to make sure the overworked, underpaid, flight attendant busts your ass once I tattle to her like I was Angela on "The Office."

Don't be a dick, just turn the damned thing off, okay?

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