Saturday, July 12, 2008

You left me, you broke my heart, but I moved on Mr. Farve. I. Moved. On.

I do hope Mr. Farve doesn't start whining too much.

Evidently, he's just gotten the bad news that the Packers are going to stick him into a "Back up role," not releasing him from his contract now that he's changed his mind about his "retirement."

He decided his news may have been a little premature, but it seems they decided to go on with someone else as starting quarterback. Now that the dithering Farve decided he's not retiring after all, they're sticking with their acting quarterback and holding him to his contract... and sending him back to the back of the line since he left it.
"We've communicated that to Brett, that we have since moved forward,"
Thompson said. "At the same time, we've never said that there couldn't be some
role that he might play here. But I would understand his point that he would
want to play."When asked whether that role might be as a backup or coach,
Thompson said: "not a coach."Added McCarthy: "He did ask about that,

I do hope, Mr. Farve, you accept it with dignity or grace. Either retire or be a team player and be the back-up quarterback... if other people move on you have to accept that as a consequence of a decision.

You're flighty, they made other plans, suck it up. No cuts.

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