Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Yucky Movies of October: Sole Survivor

I love October. Ever since I caught all those great "Hammer Horrors" they used to run on AMC's Fearfest, I've always filled it with great old classic "scary" movies. This year I don't have the expansive selection of cable channels I've had access to in the past, but thanks to Netflix and my reviews for, I think I can keep up the annual ritual.

I don't promise they'll be posted every day as I don't think I can squeeze in 31 of them like the amazing crew at, who inspired me to do this, will be this month...(are you reading them? You SHOULD be!) but I do plan to keep it spooky-centric this month, and I'll keep you apprised of every last shudder.

1) Sole Survivor

A woman who is the only survivor of a plane crash starts being stalked by the dead, who evidently think it's inappropriate that she hasn't joined them yet. What can we say about this one? Not bad, definitely made on the cheap, and the makers should sue the pants off the guys who made Final Destination-- which seems to have lifted both the plane crash and the idea that people who cheat death get caught by it in the end.

My main complaint with this one is that, for a woman who is the only survivor of a horrific plane crash, the lead character just doesn't seem that affected by it. Getting out of the hospital, she's jaunty, joking, and practically already screwing the doctor she'll be jumping another half hour into the flick. She just kinda stumbles through her life and job, which seems to entail producing the world's LONGEST commerical shoot, while ghosts show up to menace her and kill off her friends ("They're coming for you, Denise"... no? Ok...). When she finally gets proactive it mostly involves waving a gun around, but then again, what would you do?

Some very stilted acting (part of the reason she's not that affected is that affect isn't really her forte') and mediocre effects slow the proceedings down, but there's enough meat on this story to make this a good watch if you enjoy a horror film that's more cerebral than gory.

Also, this film is one of the earliest appearances of Brinke Stevens and her breasts, so, if you like that, there's... that...

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