Monday, October 5, 2009

The Yucky Movies of October: Filthy McNasty

5) Filthy McNasty

I'm a fan of "let's grab a camera and put on a show"-type productions in theory, but not always in practice. Titles like this are why. A low budget, home video production featuring (the always incredibly underrated) Debbie Rochon and a man billed as "Teen Ape," this is the story of two girls who enter into a deal with a demon to become hot.

This movie is also only 45 minutes long and features a guy who masturbates with his own feces. there's also an ape who's love poetry offers a punch in the face "because I love ya, bitch." I applaud Chris Seaver for getting his productions made, distributed, and even streaming on Netflix, but I can in no way endorse this.

Just awful. I say "meh."

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