Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Yucky Movies of October: Gutterballs

18) Gutterballs

Well, "yucky" sums it up pretty well for this one. Something of a throwback to '80's slasher flicks, Gutterballs really is light on the redeeming features. With a long, heavy, very unpleasant rape scene in the beginning, a"hard core" oral sex scene, and a constant barrage of general offense and stupidity this is almost more porn than splatter. With characters dumb as bricks and about 15 minutes too much running time, you see the end coming from a mile away and don't really care.

The wardrobe is great, filled with '80's touches, the gore's good and everyone is obviously having a good time... but beyond that this is really a yuck-fest. A pretty good hollowed out head and some stabbed eye sockets make for terrific gore but the most prevalent prosthetic makeup effect is a silicone penis (and really I'm surprised the actors didn't hold out for a bigger one). I mean this is a pretty sleazy and vulgar movie - and this is coming from someone who loves Troma stuff just for that reason...

Going to go scour brain now...

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