Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Yucky Movies of October: Laid To Rest

8) Laid To Rest

This was just gross. No, really. Good and gross. "Fix a Flat" as a murder weapon? Heads cut in half, people stabbed thru the temple? The gore is bold and accomplished, the movie's pacing propulsive, and the effects are excellent. There isn't much in the way of exposition or backstory, but there doesn't need to be. Instead there's just movement. Be it rapid editing, camera movement, or character, it seems like something's always moving in this one. As a result, even when it does slow down (admittedly infrequently) you don't feel the lulls.

If you like gore, you'll LOVE Laid To Rest. It doesn't need much more in the way of an edorsement than that.

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