Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Yucky Movies of October: Drag Me To Hell

Seriously, this is like horror movie bukkake...

23) Drag Me To Hell

Okay, that first fight in the car, scary old lady versus scared girl, filled with hair-pulling, teeth-knocking, and car-crashing, was pretty damn good. Who hasn't wanted to kick an evil old gypsy woman in the ribs?

Well, I never had, but it sounded funny... after actually watching this movie, I'm giving old gypsies the respect they deserve, myself. Especially ones who may vomit cockroaches into your mouth...

They can also spill bile into your mouth and cause you to spit up blood and flies. These are not people to be scorned. Actually it's amazing what winds up in people's mouths in this flick. (Seriously, this is like horror movie bukkake.) A black comedy full of wet, slushy red stuff (mostly CGI) about a girl trying to get out from under a curse before she winds up -obviously- dragged to hell, this is a blast from beginning to end. It also feels very much like a heavily transformed remake of Night of the Demon (Curse of the Demon), but maybe that's just to me. From the "passing of the runes" to the appearance of the train station, there's some similarities. Of course, that's such a good movie, I'm totally okay with that.

One thing I've always wondered. Just how long would it take one person to dig out a grave. Especially one unaccustomed to a lot of exercise? Because the movies make it look like it'd take all of twenty minutes...

Sit back and enjoy the ride... and the flying eyeballs. This ain't a classic film, or a serious one. It's just good, yucky fun.

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