Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a tasty October with 31 Flavors of Horror

Are you ready for October? Those of us who love our scary movies are, and here at Big Lug Land we are no different. As many general film review sites, and horror specific ones, I'm ramping up and getting ready to bring you horror reviews for every single day of October. 31 flavors for 31 days, and it's going to be a real treat. I took a crack at doing this two years ago and loved my "31 Horror Movie October," but 2010 wasn't as accommodating. This year I am ready to hit the ground running, up to my eyeballs in scary movies!

I've been chipping away at the whole Friday the 13th series for you, and slogged through the Resident Evil series, suffering through every big, blown-up beastie and flash of Milla Jovovich's naughty bits.

I can't wait to share with you all the goodies I've got in store. I can't promise they'll all be as... drippy as my ice cream icon for the month, but hopefully you'll find them as tasty!

Watch this space because the fun starts this Saturday!

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