Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So I realized earlier that I want to pop up a "song of the day" whenever I have the time and/or my fancy is struck... maybe it's the old ACRN DJ aspect of my personality... hopefully it's that and not some burgeoning "media control-freak" part of my personality.

I have always had some affection for this song. I first heard it in that Rose McGowan movie, Jawbreaker. Imperial Teen is the band started by Roddy Bottom (helluva name, that - kinda "porn-meets-wrestling") post-Faith No More, and as far as I know they're still in business.

They had a great contribution to the "Wig in a Box" Hedwig cover album, which was a fundraiser for the Harvey Milk School, meaning you have to buy it, not burn it kids!

First time I heard it I thought the kid was singing "I eat poop," though.

Also, Jawbreaker would TOTALLY be a much better name for a porno... probably is...

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