Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bea. Oh, Bea.

OurManInChicago sent this to me under the heading "She's still got it" and the tag line "Seriously, it's like your wet dream." Bea Arthur, Charlotte Rae, Katherine Helmond, and Sally Struthers in a TV Land Awards spoof of Sex and the City. Heaven.

...and he's mostly right. I'm simply mad about Bea Arthur. What Midgets are to Chelsea Handler, I think Bea could be to me. She was Dorothy. She was Maude. How can you not be obsessed?

I think a lot of my love is because a) if I ever did drag she'd pretty much be it, b) I'm completely convinced that when she dies they'll reveal she pulled a Billy Tipton*, and c) because God'll get you for this, Walter.

However, if it was really MY wet dream, Valerie Harper would be in here instead of Sally Struthers. The only thing I love more than Dorothy is Rhoda...

*I know she's not really a man. However, she's still more of a man than you'll ever be.

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