Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Misty, Watercolored"... no? How about "Bleary, Gin-soaked memories of the way we were?"

What the lovely and talented Kristy Kay Karolina (it took me ages to get that, btw) said to me over at QueerCincinnati.com

has a lot to say and never feels like he's saying it... so, he's going to
try to for a change. He's not sure what he'll talk about, but he's in his
he's single, he's over-educated and under-stimulated, so he figures
he'll have
something to talk about from time to time."...because it's all
about the
meat..."Blog by my former roommate, longest friend in Cincinnati,
and an
all-round wonderful guy (ask me once how I stole his boyfriend...
completely by

What? You mean the one I read about on his blog and said "Hey I know who that is he's saying keeps sitting on his lap?" I had totally forgotten about that. How memorable could a guy be if I forgot?

He wasn't my boyfriend, he was more my "don't distract him because I really don't warm up until the 2nd or 3rd date" guy... unless we're talking about someone else...? (I either start out revved up from the get go or I warm up slightly slower than a glacier melts.) If it is someone else, you just called me an "all-around wonderful guy," so most will probably be forgiven.

After that, we went to a movie and a meal, but never did hang out again. Being that we went to go see "Cabin Fever" and ate at Champs... may explain a lot, actually. Not that there was any promise he would've, but the poor bastard never did learn "The Power of the Magic Hands" -- a tale for another time, kiddies...

(I chose to blame his parents separation as opposed to the fact that I'm just not that interesting out of the sack... )


  1. "(I chose to blame his parents separation as opposed to the fact that I'm just not that interesting out of the sack... )"

    I can't speak to your in-the-sack verve, but you're quite the interesting cat outside of the boudoir. Especially-but not exclusively-after a couple of drinks.

  2. ha! i'll agree with OMIC!!! a couple drinks in Big Lug and I would rather here you wax poetic on the world than most people I know!!! :-) LOL! U gonna be out and about this weekend?

    I feel special being referenced over here!

  3. HA! I agree with OMIC! After a couple a drinks, you become bitchier than most, and I *LOVE* it!


    I feel special, being mentioned over here!