Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Jay Update


-needs to have a "come to Jesus" with his realtor about just what I'm expecting for this percentage he'll get should the house ever sell. Per Brad's suggestion I'm going to create my own Zillow and Craigslist ads for the house. I'm not quite ready to take up Seth's suggestion to "can his ass," but that's mostly as I haven't yet dug up the contract to see what the penalties might be.

-needs more time in the day as his blog and Facebook and poor, neglected Flickr page- and, mostly, getting back in touch with his friends- is giving him more pleasure than work is.

-needs either discipline or a housekeeper. Keeping this joint "show-ready" is exhausting.

-could use "fixing up" as he's completely "cocking it up" on a regular basis and wouldn't mind a dinner date...

-needs to go out shopping for clothes this weekend.

-is going to get off of here and go watch "The Office" Season 3, Disc 1 - which he got out of the library today - and looks forward to finding out what the rest of America learned about Jim and Pam two years ago...

(I don't want to feel like I'm not showing a personal side here on a heavy-linkies day)


  1. A) I don't watch the Office so I have no idea who those people are.

    B) I need a housekeeper too. Badly.

    I had a lot of other funny things to say, but I don't really care right now.

  2. The contract will spell out when you can can his ass, and if there is a period after which you cannot jump to another realtor or method. And, I suppose, any penalties.

    The sellers on my parents new house just went through that -- they had ditched the realtor in winter but had to wait 6 mos before selling, based on the contract.