Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Putting the "Big" in "Lug"

I'm still rusty in my return to the blogging game and am not sure I've found my voice yet. I have learned that posting pictures and documenting some aspects of my life excites me. It also helps underline some things that are leaving me very unfulfilled. Currently I'm amused by my "Song o' the Day" searches and embarrassed by what I'm hoping is a long-term trope about Bea Arthur taking off here...

Speaking of that little hint of "unfulfilled" above, is the downside. The downside of getting re-laced into the world and my social network is that I go to cookouts where I am photographed - and then that photograph is shown to me - and I realize that I have a giant potato noggin'. There is some relief in realizing your hair ISN'T receeding... your face is just swelling. Seems I have on the whole swollen out of all proportion (and not in the good ways). I mean, seriously, I have the pictures lately I can tack on the fridge and say:

"Bitch, don't open this door... you too fat."

Look at those fat, tubby claws! My figure is pear-shaped! And that's just my noggin...
So, it is with a heavy heart and heavier thighs that I introduce the newest running segment here... "My Diet and Exercise Program!" I mean, I am not all "rending of garments and gnashing of teeth," and I'm not expecting to binge or purge. I just want to turn this truck around as I am starting to resemble one. I can honestly say I didn't really notice it encroaching. I don't think many people do... then one day they review a few photos and say "Oh, look, the circus is in town... oh, wait a minute... that's... me... Awww, crap..."

Now, about said "Program." I is not enthused in the least. However, I know it's time to take a serious crack at it again. Almost 5 years ago, when I first got to town, I wound up doing Atkins and dropping 80 pounds in 5-6 months. Not healthy but very exciting. No surprise that it all seems to have come back.
Soooo... there's only one decision to make, and I'm looking for opinions:

I have to admit I'm leaning to Weight Watchers. It has a certain amount of social and financial culpability, yet you don't actually have to go to meetings if you pony up X number of dollars to their website. There's even a "For Men" section. Nothing makes me commit like having my own money in something. It also is frequently bandied about as "The only one that actually works as it teaches you stuff instead of putting your body into some weird, artificial starvation mode.")
So, if Erin can discuss the Buddah and Erik can do his weekly Jersey picture - and is admittedly starting to look pretty trim in 'em - I can commit to a daily update (no paparazzi though, my ego just can't take that shit). Advice? Encouragements?

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