Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Slightly Belated "How Do You Do?"

I'm proud to announce, even if I'm running a little late with said announcement (hey, it's been a rough week), that Big Lug Land is going to be a featured blog at the new site of my friend and neighbor, Troy Henson of Blue Kaboom, The Cincinnati Gay Yellow Pages!

Here's Troy's mission statement for the site:

As a gay greater Cincinnati small business owner, I know it’s important to connect to our community. Years ago, I was often apprehensive when walking into a new business establishment because I was afraid that I may be not “wanted.” I didn’t want to feel that I was treated differently because of the way I looked or acted. Even today, I feel at times that my partner and I are not welcome or feel awkward in some business establishments.

Launching this site for businesses is our way to say “it’s OK” to be who you are. We want to give you the opportunity to tell your future Cincinnati tri-state patrons that you will not discriminate against them based on sexual orientation.


If you haven't been to cgyp.net yet, you need to get over there pronto and check it out. You'll find business reviews you can contribute to and event listings for the whole area (for example: are you ready for Pride Night?)

There's a big marketplace and classified ads (I think I still have some chairs for sale listed over there, actually), and lots of chatter by local Cincinnatians like myself, Drew over at Design Cincinnati, Jamie Royce with Stuff Queer People Need To Know, Gay Travel Reviews, and the team over at Cincinnati Women Bloggers. Leading the pack, you'll find Jessica Dimon blogging on the site as well.

Gay or not, you're going to find plenty to read here. This site is growing and is going to be YOUR clearing house for everything you need to know about in Cincinnati. It's young and growing so you should get in on the ground floor and check it out!

Also, since it's going to be syndicating my blog's content, I'm going to try and stay topical. If you have suggestions or questions you'd like answered - let me be YOUR agony aunt - please email me at biglugland@blogspot.com

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