Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Crush: Google Analytics

So I just signed up today for Google Analytics. Big props go out to my generous neighbor Troy for sharing so much of his time and giving me my first real lesssons on the tool. The more I learn about search engines and keywords the more interested I become. I'd known the tools were out there but this was a big eye-opener for me... I had no idea they could do so much!

I'm excited and incredibly curious to find out what it'll tell me about this blog. I also expect to be humbled by those results. They recommend you wait 24 hours before the information will start showing up... absolute torture.

I'm finally ready to learn more about my traffic and to figure out who I can generate more. Not out of any sort of greed, mind you... just that I'd like to expand my little online footprint.

(I want big feet virtually as well as in real life, evidently...)

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  1. aahh, You are making me blush! It was my pleasure. Keep up the great blogging man.