Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shaking off some rust

I'm blaming Twitter.

Twitter, with it's concept of "micro-blogging" has allowed me to spit out 140 character haiku-like bursts of whatever I have on my mind into the world immediately. From work, at the gym, while shopping - any place I'm at, I can Tweet and reach some friends and strangers with whatever is on my mind. Actually, it's expanded beyond my circle of friends to the point where I feel more of a need to filter what I say. For example, while I'm only somewhat inclined to say derisive things about one of the current Vice Presidential candidates that my friends would understand, I don't want to hork off my followers at Bitch Magazine, who may not know me well enough to take it in the spirit whatever remark I make may be proffered.

Anyhow, getting that fix - along with staying busy and trying to skim depression about the economy and job market and upcoming elections like a skier instead of landing face-first in it - has kind of pulled me out of any sort of self-reflection that may take the amount of time I'd devote to posting something here... on my poor, neglected baby of a blog.

So, here I am, crawling home with my tail between my legs, hoping that you, fair reader -- yes, all four of you -- may deign to start casting your attentions this way, where I shall be posting more frequently from here on out...

See you in these here funny pages!

I must say though that Live-Tweeting the debates has been the most fun I've had in ages, though!

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