Monday, October 20, 2008

Earbuds, or, my latest addiction

A month ago, my old LG flip phone finally died, so I ponied up for ... the iPhone. Big, fancy, filled with bells and whistles. You can email. Browse the internet. Play games. Watch TV. Even... make phone calls...

So far, so good. I like the functions, use it all the time, and justify it partially by remembering that one of it's main features is it's also an iPod. I'dnever owned an iPod before. (Have a little, tiny 256k MP3 player that someone gave me, but this is far, far different.)

This lead to my finally downloading and checking out what has turned out to be a huge bain to my poor, overworked computer: iTunes (boy, it's a pain in the ass to type all this little i-capital letter-little letters words). iTunes led to my latest obsession: podcasts.

I'd been familiar with the concept of podcasts for a while but had never listened to one before. Over the last 4 weeks, I've pretty much been listening to them all the time. I can't imagine how I've lived without them - actually, I'm more amazed I've never made one. You can - much like a blog- blather on about anything you damn well please and then put it out there into the ether... where random whackos (and here I'm whistling, looking around, hoping you don't put two and two together...) can download it and share in the minutia. Some of them are newsy, or I learn something... more of them are just "Why the hell are you still talking." But they all have so far fascinated me. I listen almost too often. In the morning around the house, in the car on the way to work and back, errands, at the gym, around the house, while typing... like now... before bed. I'm enjoying them.

Anyhow, if you're interested, these are what's been in my "heavy rotation": Savage Love, Horror Etc., Feast of Fools, A Prairie Home Companion: The News from Lake Woebegone, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, The Onion Radio Network, The Horror! Old Time Radio, Fox and the City (which Drew-o-rama has been recommending to me for AGES), Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, The Cadaver Lab, Real Time with Bill Maher, and a few more...

So, now that I've probably revealed far more about myself and my interests than I ever meant to let on, go check 'em out!

Then come back and tell me, what are you listening to? Any recommendations?

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  1. I had no idea there was a Savage Love podcast. I'm subscribing