Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tali-ho: Stoppin' Crime!

My whole neighborhood can breathe a bit of a sigh of relief. A gang of... well, pretty much children, calling themselves the "Northside Taliband" were swept up in a sting yesterday. My sources - and yes, for once I have a source - tell me that this was on the QT and hush-hush because it has been in the works for a while.

Very exciting! A huge relief for Northside... although I'm sheltered and hadn't heard word one about them. I guess I should be relieved because if I had I'd have been fearful, but mostly I'm resolving to get more involved in my community again.

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  1. The tough guys are getting their prison time - about 40 years so far with much more to come this year.

    If you weren't female or an octagenarian they really didn't hassle you - unless they had 5 to 1 odds.

    Good riddance.