Monday, January 16, 2012

The 2012 Project: Making Some Progress By Making A "T"

The space, as it started to look tonight.
On Friday night, I had to sit down and admit I wasn't where I wanted to be in my little "2012 Project." I'd whipped up chaos in my home office while trying to finally wrangle the kind of organization I maintain in an office... office. I also thought that rearranging this office would invite more productive, paying "work" in from the Universe. (This is as close as I get to Feng Shui.)

That disturbed whirlwind of clutter settled to ground as I turned my attention to the many other projects I'm juggling at the moment. Ten days between that post and the first, and all I'd done is make a mess. Work trumped my workplace, but I still want this to become a productive space for creating and freelance work. Also, as I let pictures of this mess I made out there into the world in some probably misguided belief that public accountability will motivate me, I knew I had to re-prioritize this task.

(So, what did I do? After the break...)

Sunday finally showed some progress, justifying this late night post and photo. As I've shared before, Chris brilliantly came up with an idea to use a long table to make the home office into a two-person co-working space. We don't have a long table yet, so the old desk and a tile-topped table from the basement that was always intended to be a laundry-folding station have been moved into a T-shape. I also hung the fantastic productivity calendar I got from

Stage one? Complete... well, okay, not complete, but at least getting there. Files and supplies are now to be reintroduced, along with the "stack" book shelves I love. I'd love for this to be a more minimalist space, but I'm a packrat with scads of possessions trying to create a space for a part- (or perhaps even full-) time business. One step at a time here.

Whenever my Mother would finish decorating, usually once she'd finished hanging the wallpaper, we'd always wind up moving. If this is going to be wrestled into the space I've always wanted, should I start packing for the eventual relocation now?

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