Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Yucky Movies of October, sidetracked: Supernatural Season 4

10) Supernatural, Season 4

Taking a sidetrack from icky, squishy, occasionally nauseating movies to fill up my October, I'm also working my way through season 4 of Supernatural on DVD.

I think this is a pretty underrated show. Recently I've watched episodes that reproduce Universal Monsters, address the "Wincest" fan fiction, ghosts avenging high school bullying, and take a skewered look at It's a Wonderful Life. Along with the healthy sense of humor there's also hot chicks, a pretty satisfying monster of the week, and good special effects.

One episode features a family in a haunted house - of course, the house turns out to actually be "haunted" by creepy children who live in the walls like roaches. The "Wincest" episode is a meta construct where the brothers confront a writer who's been writing about their lives. A wishing well that fulfills every wish ends wittily for a kid who'd been bullied and sadly for a guy who gets his heart broken. Another story with a succubus turns into an observation about brothers who only have each other in the world. The Lilith and angels stuff gets tiresome, but it's worth slogging through for the goods that abound in every episode.

This is a well-rounded, balanced mix of humor and horror. All four seasons have been satisfying so far on DVD, and the fifth is airing live now on the CW. If you haven't seen Supernatural, check it out. Scares and laughs galore.

...I do understand why people want them to make out, though...

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