Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Yucky Movies of October: Masters of Horror: Dream Cruise

21) Masters of Horror: Dream Cruise

I gave another "Masters of Horror" a spin - this time with the season two closer, "Dream Cruise." This outing is J-Horror, complete with the de rigeur stringy-haired female ghost.

An American lawyer living in Japan winds up stupidly accepting the invitation of his best client to go out on the boat with him. It's stupid because a) as a child, he was unable to save his brother from drowning in open water and b) he's shtupping the client's wife. He's haunted by visions of his brother from the get-go, all water-related. Unfortunately, the client's on to their affair and plans to dispose of the pair of them out at sea... just like he did with his first wife.

Turns out, she's less than amused by events.

I can only assume that what the Japanese are scared of, based on the J-Horror films I've seen, is conditioner. The stringy-haired female ghost is this time green instead of white, with fab bloody teeth and covered in goo. (Over at "Masters of Horror," they do seem to love their goo.)

Our horror "Master" this time out is Norio Turuta, director of J-horror Theatre titles and Ring 0. He's joined by the lead actor from Audition, Ryo Ishibashi, and the film's based on a short story by Koji Suzuki, author of the "Ring" series of novels and "Dark Water." Needless to say then that this is the J-horror pedigree to have. I think the "Imprint" episode of "Masters of Horror" is more in that nightmarish vein, while this is pretty linear, but on the whole, it's an okay flick.

I had a few good jumps and a genuine "eww, look away" moment, so that's a "Yucky" movie keeper in my book!

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