Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Cincinnati Pride;" or "Raping Ned Beatty"

The theme and logo for Cincinnati's pride festivities was released today... and I'm not sure what I think about it.

Yes, Cincinnati IS Porkopolis (not that anyone really cares that much) and it's a fun, witty, festive design. I think my reservations stem from the word"Squealin'"

We're generally not a land of farmers anymore, and over the last thirty plus years, the word "Squeal" has only invoked one thing in the American vernacular. Namely, "Squeal like a pig."

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with a logo that is going to lead the general observer, someone who's not invested in Pride, to immediately jump and link a community celebration to inbred hillbillies ass-raping Ned Beatty.

Because it's the first place MY mind went, and I AM invested in it. I'm not sure I want to embrace, defend and... own this logo. I know I'm coming in after the fact because I didn't volunteer or sit on any committees that lead up to the selection of this theme, but... dude, I can't believe someone didn't raise some reservations. I have to process "Squeal like a pig," "Sex pig" "Dirty Piggy" and "Pigs in Shit" to get to a mindset where I can say "This is a festive way for the community to celebrate Pride this summer." Good for The Serpent, not good for a universal theme.

I have to point it out: This emperor is wearing a new outfit...


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  1. Wow,

    Someone was asleep at the wheel, this is a BAD idea! to say the least!