Monday, August 4, 2008

Ten pounds lighter and terrified...

What's up with all the beheadings in the news lately? One in Canada, one in Brazil, and now Greece. As we all know, three means a trend. Is this the new hipster lifestyle choice? When will the trend-tracking article come out? Is decapitation the new black?

I'm making light, but seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? The two "domestic violence" beheadings make me terribly sad, but the stranger chopping on the bus in Canada is especially chilling to all of us who travel...

It gets worse, as if that is possible.
She said Vince Weiguang Li had a plastic bag containing his victim’s ear, nose
and part of a mouth in his pocket when officers arrested him. The only response
officers received from him was: “’I have to stay on the bus forever,”’ Dalmyn

As someone who's traveled a lot I guess I've been very blithe about my personal security. There's something about this story that bothers me to no end. Poor young victim? Random savagery- and evidently it was random - that comes out of nowhere? The precious shortness of life? (God I hate being reminded of that) Have we just maxed out our capacity for dealing with crowds and we've hit our "Sink," where we just go to madness?

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