Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rushing past the sights I'd want to see...

This weekend has gone by in a flash. The past week went just as speedily.

I've joined a gym - lost 5 1/2 pounds in the last 7 days - which I think is damn good, all things considered. I went 5 out of the last 7 days, and will be in every other day this week. I just kind of eased into a decision I'd been batting around for a long time now. I'm not getting any younger. I've never been the most physically active person in the world. If the body is a temple I tended to treat mine much like the Taliban would, all but blowing it up.

I have always looked at my father as being a healthy, active man. He's constantly seemed more fit than I have ever been. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes and I learned just how much in runs in the family. Well, when someone who's always been trim and active has to make major modifications at sixty... you realize that your genetic imprint is probably running a speedier course towards the same results.

So here I am, on the elliptical every day and taking a small personal training package to learn how to properly use the circuit and weight training machinery. I'm going to get fit, while there's still time.

I've already made a lot of dietary changes over the last few months. I'd started South Beach and did really well whenever I was in town -- still a believer that vacation calories don't count. Sadly, my first workout proved that you need some carbohydrates in your body if you don't want to wind up laid out on the floor trying with all your will power not to vomit after exercising.

Today, I just spent a good 3 hours prepping a weeks' worth of black beans and rice lunches, along with roasted veggies, 2 days of fish, 2 days of eggs, and I'm about to apportion out a week's worth of salads. I have after work appointments Monday and Wednesday, so I now have to start hauling around 2 meals in my lunch box on those days. I guess this is all going to be about discipline; about habit and repetition. Staying organized at home and on the road. It's going to be big changes and I really hope I make the most of them.

I'm not sure if I'll follow the Nala example and try to start getting up at the crack of dawn to get it in before work... but I do see myself stopping by after. I saw the results he produced the first time he hit the gym and knowing he's going again is inspiring to me. I always think how I need to make these changes -- my health, getting a job; but I'm using either "feeling blue" or "no energy" as an excuse. Well, I won't have those excuses anymore. If I am afraid of results, or change, or testing myself -- tough. It's time to do it.

Let's hope I get motivated and active and soon find a new job that would make getting to these gyms VERY inconvenient! I'll take the new habits with me though... til then I'll be "up in the gym just workin' on my fitness."

(god, I just LOVE an obvious musical cue)

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