Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finding Aim and Steering Left

So as I come back to posting more frequently here at BigLugLand, and now that I'm also contributing columns and DVD reviews at, I've realized that from here on out, this site is also going to have more of a "movie/book/TV/Whatever-my-view-of-pop-culture-is/Social-Media-interests" sort of site. Just a veritable potpourri of whatever makes my brain throb from day to day.

So we're regrouping. You'll see reposts of my "Jay's Prime Cuts" columns and DVD reviews a couple days after they go up over on the other site, combined with any odds 'n' ends I whip up to be exclusive here (including some elaboration on the "Comics to Movies" column going up here this weekend). I'm feeling pretty excited about it, and hopefully you'll join me on the ride.

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