Monday, July 13, 2009

C'est Impossible!

I think I need to get married, get cloned, or get organized. Really, what it comes down to is a need to stay at home. As I'm only in town what seems to be every third weekend lately, it should come as no surprise that I get a tad behind in chores and errands.

So why does it surprise the hell outta me every time it happens? My Must-Do list and my To-Do list have merged into one menacing, overpowering blob of Do-ness, and it's just not getting done. Yesterday I caught up on laundry and finally prepped the back half of the basement for painting. Essentially a 500 sq. foot room of gray-brown ashy wood paneling that needs brightening up. Move the furniture, pull the nails, fill in the holes with spackle, scrape the tape, take down the wall plates, slap up the painter's tape to protect the drop ceiling and the cabinets... busy, busy, busy. Put in hours and then realized "oh, this is paneling, I think I'll have to sand this, too."

I got done what I got done yesterday, mostly thanks to listening to old radio shows on podcasts. Amazing how an episode of "Suspense" can clear the mind and keep you hopping and bopping. The physical repetition of squatting and scraping and taping is peaceful... and leads to cricks in the neck the next day. I'm about 75 percent done with prepping. However, thanks to a busy week and a trip coming up, I'm not going to be sanding or finishing covering up the floor until next week. It's hard to keep focused on it.

I don't know how productive people keep up. I assume other people are productive as they seem to keep on top of this sort of thing. Perhaps they aren't productive? Maybe they just don't share how distracting and frustrating it is to accomplish a piece here and a bit there of a job.

I'd dwell on it more. I'd come up with an answer... but I don't have time. Must return to work until tonight. Then I'll either be good to myself and go to the gym, or responsible to the world and run the errands and pay bills and buy stamps. A week of reviews to write and conference calls and oil changes....I spin in a tizzy, distracted and claiming overwork. Thank goodness for relatively peaceful time at work where I only tear my hair out over other people's problems.

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  1. I guess the short answer that you are looking for is to stop traveling so much! But as well as I know you, this is not going to be an option. At least we can keep you updated about your home and your resident pussy from a far ;-)~