Friday, May 22, 2009

Bite the Bullet, Write the Check

Well, after putting the call off a month... after putting the decision off for years. I finally had a necessary repair done to my home. Namely, the replacement of the main water shut-off valve.

This came to a head due to a leak IN my toilet tank. I replaced the ballcock, but in doing so, cracked the seal in the toilet's shut-off valve. When you find out you have to have the water turned off at the street to change a washer you realize it's time to be responsible and have the proper repairs made.

I hemmed and I hawed after much tooing-and-froing after researching what it would take to repair. Wrenches, repacking, replacing -- all terms that strike fear in a somewhat-lazy homeowner with no confidence in their repair prowess.

Well, after an hour and a half, much swearing, removal of paneling behind the valve, and then finding out the valve originally there isn't even manufactured anymore (something turning out to be typical of my beloved shanty); I have a fabulous new shut-off valve and it was only $90. (Why, yes, that IS a run-on sentence... and sometimes such sacrifices must be made for the sake of sounding conversational, n'est pas?) Not only am I singing my plumber's name to the hills, I got to observe and learn what to watch out for when I eventually attempt such a repair myself.

I know I could have done it myself now... and it would have been four hours, much swearing, and probably a small stroke from boilingly-high blood pressure. I know my limitations. This is one of 'em.

Now, on to replacing that shut-off valve... if you hear me ranting just ignore it, mmmkay?

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