Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your Deathstar is Fully Operational

Monday night I made a quick jaunt to Athens to hang out with Chris, since he was there to attend an event this next morning. We popped into the Union to find they'd given it a makeover - paint, new lights, removal of pipes and the drop ceiling in the back half (which I don't really recall but according to Chris it was there). It looks good, but it now far more "Hipster" than "Dive." Written on a sign was "Your Deathstar is Fully Operational," which we took to mean they were re-opened for business after the rehab. On the whole, we liked it. (We're also weighing a trip next month since Mike Watt is playing...)

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"With Chris at the revamped Union- it feels like a different place..." 

""Your Deathstar is fully operational." - at the remodeled all-bright-and-shiny Union..." 

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