Thursday, January 26, 2012

The 2012 Project: You Say It's Your Birthday...

My 2012 efforts continue apace. In drips and drabs I'm working more on the office, but more importantly, I'm working in the office. I have many cover letters, blog posts, client work, and similar whatnot done... but it's all mental and virtual.The physical room still looks pretty much the same as last week. Additionally, I had a huge week at the store, filling in and gearing up for the MSNBC story. It was pretty terrific.The week kicked off with joining high school friends in going to see Tea Leaf Green, with Ha Ha Tonka opening. Chris was especially wowed by TLG's immensely talented bassist.

As I also had a birthday pending for myself, and my grandfather this weekend, I figured little jobs trumped big around the house. So that's my progress. Lots done, but nothing I can show off in a picture (unless you'd like to see all the saved blog post drafts I'll be doling out). I'm committed to the projects I had going, house- and work-wise, and starting tomorrow I must rededicate myself, with fervor, to them. But that's tomorrow. For now, let's just kick out the jams.

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